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In the midst of the 1990s two of us - brothers who were both software developers, were tired of travel, the constant threat of outsourcing projects to India, the Philippines, etc. and the need to travel.  So we decided to brainstorm about what to do next that could not effectively be outsourced, did not require travel, and would be rewarding to us, our families, and our community.  We realized that friends and acquaintances were forever trying to coax us into fixing their computers and thought about whether or not a computer repair business could be viable.  A certain big box store was very effectively advertising and educating the public to the fact that you're not finished paying for your computer after purchasing it, but they had lost control - specifically quality control when they decided to incorporate the repair business that they purchased into all of their stores as a division.  There were many "mom and pop" stores that opened up and shut their doors soon afterwards.  We understood it was a tough business, but knew if we could establish a way to control our growth and maintain quality control, we could build a loyal client base.  We started by handing out flyers, going door to door in Clayton, MO for a couple of hours every day, telling homeowners about this new business that catered to individuals rather than businesses, and which at the time was based there in Clayton.  Soon afterward, the business had grown sufficiently that we realized a storefront located centrally in Creve Coeur, MO was a more appropriate venue, so we looked for a good spot to relocate.  We settled on a location in Westgate Centre behind TGI Friday's - a St. Louis landmark, which is where Computer Problem Busters remains to this day.

In time, a number of now loyal customers of Computer Problem Busters asked if we did work for the small or medium-sized business that they owned or managed.  Computer Problem Busters decided to branch out, and while to this day we do not offer service or maintenance contracts and work on a job by job basis, we have worked with small and medium-sized businesses for many years.

As for a specialty niche, the landscape is ever-changing.  Fewer individuals work on desktop computers for personal use and more and more people use phones, tablets and laptops for nearly all their needs, but one need remains constant.  The need to preserve one's data.  People have documents, music, photos, videos, tax information and a variety of other things that they cannot bear the thought of losing.  Yet even today the majority of people do not take the time to learn how or to actually perform the act of backing up their data.  Therefore, Computer Problem Busters began to focus on educating their customers on data loss prevention and when needed, data recovery.  There are a myriad of techniques and options to back up one's data and to most people it is thoroughly confusing, which results in delaying what should be inevitable.  Therefore, the only product that Computer Problem Busters designs, builds and sells is one that we dreamed up and created in the early 2000's and have refined and modified as the threats have changed.  This device, which backs up computers on a home or business network and protects data against virtually all threats, is a great addition to any home or business network.  The demand for this Backup and Storage Server (more commonly known as a BASS) has been surprisingly high.

Computer Problem Busters prides itself on high customer retention, high employee retention, and a passion for helping customers leverage technology to improve their lives.